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This blog was started because of my need to write about my daughter, Justine, who died two years ago in a car accident. I’m coming up to my year anniversary and I’ve come a long way on my journey. I had already written a book about her life and I wanted to share more. I hope to have my book published this year. 

I know from my own experiences that often people don’t want to ask about our loved one for fear it will bring up sadness or bad memories for the family. This blog has allowed me to address the topic first and I find everyone is more than willing to discuss Justine with me. This brings joy into my life. 

I don’t want to write every single day about my loss because I need to live my life. I do, however welcome questions. There is no topic off limits. My book contains a very frank and open account of what we went through in order to find help for Justine’s Bi-polar disorder. It is a memoir of her life from my point of view, as her mother. I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers and I’m not a psychiatrist but I can relay what happened to us.

Is there anything you are curious about? Can I help you? 

18 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything!

  1. How old was Justine when you found out she was bi-polar? Did you see signs of a problem before she was diagnoied?
    I had a friend who lost her son when he was 21, & I would ask her about him, his interests, kind of young man he was, etc..She told me how much she appreciated me asking about him.

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    1. Thanks for your question Linda. We started to see her making poor decisions around 12 or 13. She began smoking after being a very strong anti-smoking advocate. After reaching a dream goal of landing the role of Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” in her school production, she couldn’t learn her lines and had to quit. We realized then that she needed help but it was years before she got any. Things are better now but doctors were very reluctant to diagnose. She was 16 before we got a diagnosis.

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  2. I think that creating this blog was a very courageous and positive thing to do. I suspect that it is essential to talk about your lost loved one, very often, and I can’t think of a better way than the one you chose. It will be an interesting thing for you to see how your blog evolves as time passes.

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  3. I think the main question for me is, how did you ever survive it? We lost my son, stillborn at full term, ten years ago now and I still struggle massively with his loss and in some ways, I don’t feel that I survived it at all. How did you find the strength to keep going? xxx

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    1. I visualize Justine somewhere warm and tropical. She is free from life’s challenges. It might be harder for you to visualize your son in a safe place since he was just a baby and you didn’t know him yet. Do you think he’s with the angels? I picture babies becoming angels in heaven. If you can believe he’s where he’s supposed to be, it might help. I believe everything happens as it’s supposed to. As difficult as it is for us, it’s better for them to be where God (or the universe) intended. It helps me to know she’s happy and where she’s supposed to be. Maybe she’s looking after your baby boy?

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      1. Aww what a beautiful thought, wouldn’t that be lovely to think that he is being looked after by somebody who would love and care for him? It’s hard because I struggle to believe in Heaven, in a God who would take him away from me, and I guess in that way there is little comfort to be had from those thoughts. But I believe that he is somewhere, absolutely. I have no idea how you would even begin to live with such a loss as yours, my heart goes out to you, but you write with such bravery and strength and that is such an admirable quality. xxx

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  4. My sons are 49 and 37, both bi-polar. I am thankful I have them. I am sorry they had to go through so much at school. Especially my oldest son.He had a teacher give him a bloody nose because he said something silly.
    I am so sorry for your loss.

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  5. Cathy – in a previous comment you referred to babies becoming angels in death (not your exact words). I want to thank you for that. This gives me a wonderful feeling. I envision my 5 little angels together. This weekend I have been in meditation and thinking a lot about my life and experiences. I have been contemplating the purpose of my P3 blog and if people really understand my need to share what I do. I am no it a writer, but a middle school teacher. I do this because I want to positively impact young people at a critical stage in their lives. I see and hear so much pain in these young lives and want to solve all of their problems (unrealistic, but my heart’s desire). I get your blog and it inspires me to keep blogging as well.đź’ť

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