I come from a family of redheads. Both my grandmothers had red hair and my mother thought all her children would be “gingers”. I was her first born and she was sure she was correct. Her three other children do not have red hair. I’m the only one. Only one of my dad’s four siblings is a redhead. Each of them only have one child with red hair. Neither of my children has red hair.

My grandson, Oliver got the ginger gene. He is a true redhead. 

14 thoughts on “Gingers!

  1. I have always found red headed people attractive. They always have fine features and skin. I don’t understand why red headed children get teased, unless it’s simply a case of being out of the ordinary. Could caress Olivers fluff.

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      1. I saw a documentary on a red headed guy from the UK who was good looking but he couldn’t get a date. He interviewed women and they told him they’d never date a “ginger”.


  2. I never noticed Ginger as a colour growing up , it was only when I got involved with 2 men who happened to be Ginger did I find out what life being Ginger was like for them and for one of them it was horrific. Over the years I’ve heard stuff like Gingers have no soul. I thought my daughter would be ginger but she is blonde and blue eyed -like an angel. My best child hood friend is Ginger. I only really notie it more now becasue of the bad relationship with my ex but that does not mean all ginger people are evil . xx

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    1. Do you live in the UK? The stigma seems to be very strong there. I was teased as a child but children seem to look for a reason to ridicule each other. One time I had a supervisor who ” didn’t like people who have red hair” and gave me and my ginger coworker bad evaluations. I knew he treated me with contempt but it wasn’t until I got the unfair review I realized he was biased.


  3. Hip-hip-hooray for the gingers! Big or small it doesn’t matter at all…they’re a vibrant bunch of fun! I’ve not ever experienced such silliness as a prejudice and tsk-tsk to those who turned away and missed out on all the fun! Evil souls????? Oh, my! I think that comes from something far more different than the coloring of one’s hair, giggles!!
    I’m tickled for you that the gene has been passed on to your grandson…you will be connected forever in this very special way. Hugs!

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