Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Cryin’

I’ve just heard some sad news that my cousin John died. John was the eldest of my Aunt Marian and Uncle Earl’s five children. My Aunt Marian was the youngest of my father’s four siblings and she just died a couple of years ago. We’re prepared for our parent’s generation to go but it’s always unsettling when our peers go.

I remember travelling by train from Toronto to Belleville every summer to visit my grandparents. My parents would put me on the train at Union Station and one of my relatives would pick me up at the Belleville Station. At first it was my grandfather, then my aunts and then one year it was my cousin, John, who is a few years older than I am, who met me and drove me to my grandparents’ house. 

John was staying with my grandmother for a while that summer. I recall it like it was yesterday. It must’ve been 1964 or 1965 so I was 7 or 8. I know that because John was singing “Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'” by Gerry and the Pacemakers. I didn’t even know that song but after that, every time I heard it I remembered John singing it.

I’m dedicating the song to John. 

13 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Cryin’

  1. So sorry for your loss. I just lost my aunt and that leaves my dad and his other sister. The oldest and youngest are still alive. My mom and her sister are both gone already. Tomorrow is the viewing and funeral over here. May God be with you.

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  2. sending a hug and condolences. we had a couple of losses last month and so I send an extra hug. (and get some vitamin C powder – cos as you know – this stuff can drain – Trader Joes sells a big vat of the C powder and it is worth having on hand….)

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      1. well never hear dof them – but that is a pretty nice compliment – my VERY favorite are anything from Sonne’s
        a brand called “Logos” (out of GA) has the best “immune system” rebuilding kits around – I only tried them reluctantly because they had a money back guarantee – and I was hooked.

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      2. Hi – I looke dthem up – and hard to see the stuff – but I did notcie that it was a MLM – and I used to be against them – but after seeing the nice doterra EOs – well I realize just because something is MLM doe snot mean it is only about pyramid business – it can also be a very good item – but in my humble opinion, usually a bit high in price.

        anyhow, glad you found a product you love – and glad I have too..


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      3. The fact that it’s MLM is the best part. You get one to one service and advice. The price is higher than the drug store ones but that’s because they’re top quality and not full of fillers. You know what you’re getting.

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      4. well that is a lot of pros – 🙂
        and I like how someone once said – “you are what you absorb” – so no fillers is a big deal…
        and some of the cheap products are scary because they can have all kinds of stuff….

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