Free Books and Kindle Countdowns

Free Books!

Jo Robinson

After so many months of zero book promotion I decided that it’s time to give my scribbles a tiny party. As always, life always finds it amusing to toss me a curve ball just when I’m getting ready to rock something. This time though, it’s tossed me something really interesting as well, and quite cool to know. I won’t bore anyone with the details of this particular life trip wire, suffice it to say that I stomped it nicely so it’s out of the way. The thing with the promotion is what’s interesting. I discovered too late that with PayPal in this country you can’t just spend what’s deposited in your account. No. You have to first transfer PayPal earnings to your South African bank account, and then you have to transfer whatever you want to spend back to PayPal from your South African bank account. Lovely way to make…

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