Home of Anne of Green Gables

One of my childhood dreams came true a couple of years ago when my husband and our good friends, Anne and Mike, took a road trip to Prince Edward Island. Anne and Mike’s talented daughter, Sarah was performing at the Charlottetown Festival in “Anne of Green Gables.” I’ve loved that story since I read the book when I was twelve. We stayed in a farm house that reminded me of Green Gables”. It was a magical trip.


At one of the lighthouses
Inside “Green Gables”

  Sand Shadows 

19 thoughts on “Home of Anne of Green Gables

  1. That’s a nice coincident because I wrote that I loved this book when a child, exactly a week ago. It’s so many years since I rread it that I don’t remember the location of the story, but I’m assuming this is it. So lovely to see, I really should get a copy and read it again as well as the whole series I never finished, one day.

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