Dinner Time At My House

When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s we always set the table and ate all our meals there. On special occasions we’d dress up the dining room table with white tablecloth, good dishes and silver. When I had my own family I followed the same tradition. We always had a roast on Sunday and always had meals at the table.
Things have changed since my girls grew up and my husband retired. I still make a roast on Sunday but we rarely eat at the table. We eat in front of the TV. I know we aren’t the only ones who do this. My TOPS group decided to challenge ourselves to make a meal fit for our favorite idol. It wasn’t really a stretch for me but after I took this picture, I took out meal into the family room and we ate it there.


This post was prompted by the daily prompt. You can read more here.

Where do you eat dinner?

13 thoughts on “Dinner Time At My House

  1. I love the plate charger and the candle sticks too. and I think you are right about how many folks enjoy meals with TV – or wait – seems that so many are dining with their phones (which are mini computers) – oh and did you grow up in the 60s and 80s – not the 70s?? ha jk

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  2. Living on my own I always eat in front of the TV. Growing up we ate around the table. Unfortunately it was not a good time and was the scene for a huge amount of fraught interactions and arguments and my mother’s emotional abuse. I couldn’t stand it. I find occasions I have to eat in similar settings very stressful today. I feel like I’m back in that situation when I have to eat around a table with other family members at their home now.
    But it can be a good thing of course. When I visited my friend we ate together, my friend her husband and her two daughters, and it was a happy time. I hope that if I had a family we’d be able to make meals a happy time to value with each other as you did with your family.

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