Justine Marie Brooks (February 5,1985-March 25, 2014)

This was written two years ago on my other blog. I thought some of the readers here would be interested in reading it.


Our beautiful 29 year old daughter, Justine was tragically taken from us in a car accident a month ago. Our lives were turned upside down for several weeks, but we are learning to live with the huge hole in our hearts. She was a woman with a beautiful smile. We want to share our love for her and tell everyone a little about her life story.

How do I sum up 29 years of living? The best way is by remembering all the good times and what a generous person she was. Justine was very family oriented. She attended, and even initiated countless family functions. One particular joy was during Christmas time. She would make us wait for her to get off work so she could be here with us. She would always wear a pair of antlers when she arrived so she could hand out all her presents as…

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