I’ve travelled from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron, past my home and further east to Lake Ontario in the past few days. My mom lives on Lake Huron where it’s known to have the most beautiful sunsets. She faces the lake and can see the gorgeous sunsets every evening. My daughter, Candice lives across the street from Lake Ontario where she can see the beautiful sunrise out her front window and the sunsets from her back patio door. I don’t live on a lake but we’ve had some beautiful sunrises lately too.

The song “Sunrise, Sunset” is from “Fiddler on the Roof”.

                  Sunrise, sunset

                  Swiftly fly the years

                  One season following another

                  Laden with happiness and tears

Sunrise from my daughter’s front window


Sunset from Candice’s back patio door
Sunset over Lake Huron
Sunrise in my back yard
Do you watch the sun rise or set?

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