Remembering Justine

It’s been exactly two years since we lost Justine in a car accident. She was 29 years old. I don’t like to relive that day. I did write about it several months ago. You can read that here.


Justine’s School Pictures
Justine was a bridesmaid in Sarah’s Wedding
Justine with her great-nanna
Justine with her friends Lindsay and Layce
Dancing with her dad
Reading with her sister, Candice

Prom night with me
One of the last pictures I took of Justine

20 thoughts on “Remembering Justine

  1. You are in my prayers. I’m sorry and I’m hurting for you. The love and safety she knew with you and in your family is clear in those photos. Your love for her stands out and was the greatest blessing to her I think. I imagine there must be many mixed feelings for you this Easter weekend. It’s such a personal thing but just for me (and I hope it’s okay to say this), in the hardest times it helps me to know we have a Lord who cries and suffers with us and who knew the agony of death, and who leads us through the very darkest most painful most lonely times to be with Him forever in His resurrection. You are so very dear to Him and I pray He show you His tenderness this Easter.xx

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  2. HI Cathy – I think of you often and the loss you have endured. You must have a deep faith to remember the joy you had with your daughter and use it to make you strong and help you through the tough times. Your strength and words of wisdom are a comfort to others who are going through similar situations.
    She was beautiful girl. Her Gr. 6 and Gr. 11 school picture remind me a lot of Janet.
    Take care, Cathy and know that you are loved. xo

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