46 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of Donald Trump?

  1. Some have said he is America’s id, and that he is saying outloud in plain English what the coded language of the Republican party, and too many Democrats, have meant all along. I guess I have to agree with that.

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      1. I wasn’t suggesting they were. I think the Democratic Party’s “southern strategy” has used veiled racism and ethnocentrism. This is the rhetoric I am speaking of. Trump speaks directly to these themes, the two parties have used coded language. Remember also, Trump used to be a Democrat.

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      2. That has long been a rumor. here is from one website: “Donald Trump was asked today to explain why, in his words, he has identified more with Democrats than with Republicans. The answer, he claimed, is that the economy crashed in 2008 because of mistakes made by President Bush. ” There are lots of photos on line of him chummy with the Clintons. It seems to be a point of controversy, but clearly he supported which ever side was conducive to his interests.

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  2. I am offended by his audacity. However, I think the people voting for him are voicing their opinions against the Republican establishment. It is a sad commentary when the people we elect do not do their jobs. I am worried that he could be the next President. Only time will tell the tale.

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      1. Oh he isn’t really. He just represents a group that believes they have been wronged by their own party. Purely my own opinion. The Republican Party is slowly imploding.

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  3. That Canada shares the shame wonderment as the UK is fantastic. Over here we cannot understand how this Buffoon is getting the American population to fall for his utter shite. How can anyone so obviously racist and xenophobic get to the point where he might be considered for the most powerful job in the world. It is ridiculous and scary.
    Here’s hoping the Americans see sense soon and listen to what the rest of the world thinks…..

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  4. I am an American. I detest Trump. People claim that he’s “just saying it like it is.” I disagree. Trump is saying it like racist, ignorant, backwoods idiots wish it were. Trump does not speak for me. Trump will never speak for me. I will not be voting for Trump.

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  5. I fear for our United States of America and the Republic on which it stands as long as this comic-book madman walks the earth! I cannot believe the people of this country have fallen for his propaganda!
    What in the world is happening?
    Wake up!!!!!

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  6. Great post Cathy. I especially love the one where the Canadians wisely choose to build a fence.
    These are definitely unsettling times as far as the functioning/non-functioning of the United States government.
    Ted Cruz is just as scary to me as Donald Trump as far as the Republican candidates go.


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