Does Change Look Good On You?

I read a post that asked the question, “Does change look good on you?” You can read the post here. I was inspired by this quote
It caused me to pause and think of how I have changed and if it is for the better. I have noticed over the past few years that I have changed from being an extrovert to being an introvert. I didn’t even think that was possible but it has happened.

When I was younger, I was always very outgoing and needed people around me. I hated being alone. I rarely passed up the opportunity to attend a party or social event. My friends and I went out to bars and clubs several times a week. It was the 70’s and we loved disco dancing. After I got married and started a family I still craved social interactions so  I joined clubs and felt that being with other people was a priority. As a young mother I felt isolated and after my maternity leave I was eager to return to the working world. Up until a few years ago I considered myself an extrovert.

Now I prefer solitude and being home or in a quiet spot where I can think and reflect. I’m not sure when or how this evolved but when I noticed I was turning down social events or reluctantly going and not enjoying them, I was rather perplexed. I had never heard of an extrovert becoming an introvert. I googled to see if anyone had explored this and although not common, it’s definitely something that happens.

When this question was posed I reflected and asked myself if this change was a good thing. When I was younger, I was loud and brash. I was opinionated and argumentative. I didn’t care if I offended others because I thought I was right. My personality served me well in my chosen field because I work with people who are marginalized in society. People who don’t get the respect and dignity that they deserve. I work with teens who have Down’s Sydrome, Autism and other differences that society doesn’t understand and often fears. My loud and proud attitude allowed me to be a strong advocate for these kids and their parents. We’ve brought these people out of institutions where they lived their entire lives into neighbourhoods and regular integrated schools and classrooms. I still fight for their rights to be in classes. There are still teachers and administrators who don’t understand to this day. I have to speak up on their behalf.

Over the years, I have mellowed, as most people do. We can and do make changes but there comes a time when we realize we’ll never change the minds of ignorant people, no matter how much we try. It’s time to stop talking so much and listen more. It’s time to let the younger generation step up and continue the crusade. It comes with security and wisdom. I have learned to like my own company. I like to write. I like to paint. I like quiet. I prefer spending my time with my family at home than going out to parties. I do think change looks good on me.

From party girl to my new bliss


Do you think change looks good on you?

Here is a favourite song from the musical “Wicked” about change:

14 thoughts on “Does Change Look Good On You?

  1. Fantastic insight on change! Thank you for sharing your story., Cathy, and it made reflect on my own life and wonder where I am in this metamorphosis. I’ve always been an introvert myself, I craved solitude where there was just me and my books, and I’m a little ashamed to admit that I was very out of tune with the rest of the world when I was younger, preferring to escape into the fantasy worlds of my favorite books and my own imagination. But as I’ve grown up a bit, I think I can definitely relate more to speaking up and developing a loud and proud attitude. Your last paragraph about mellowing and letting the young people continue the crusade really made me think. I don’t think we’re ever truly stepping away from the crusade. Young people need wise guidance from those who have experienced what they’re going through. I think the role in the crusade just changes as we get older. Ah, change, it never truly stops.

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  2. Yes. we need to see if this new generation has learnt anything re: Mental well being and beliefs and opinions. Enjoyed the post. I got a feel for your character-even if you have mellowed out -you are a person who used her brashness, opinions for the right reasons – high 5 to you Cathy


  3. I was just saying on Amanda’s blog “The Road To There” how people MUST change as they grow. As we become older we should become happier and more at ease with ourselves. We therefore must change as we grow into ourselves. I have changed beyond recognition over the past several years both physically and mentally and I honestly feel better for it. I have opened up on my opinions of others realising that what I think doesn’t matter as long as they are happy. I can honestly say that life is pretty perfect and all I would need now to round it up is a special person of my own to compete my change.
    That would be nice.

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