Technical Difficulties

I do all my blogs on my iPad. WordPress has a really user friendly App that makes adding pictures and posting really easy. In fact I’ve written my entire book on my WordPress App. I write every single day here. 

Today I started my blog and added a picture. It said “failed” so I tried and retried but it wouldn’t load. I refreshed my iPad. No change. I tried cropping it. No change. I tried to find a similar but smaller image thinking the size might be the problem. I couldn’t find one. Finally, I decided to give up temporarily.

Do you use WordPress App? Has this happened to you?

3 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. I use WordPress but was not sure ofthe reliability of putting an entire book on there. I have a 46,000 word book almost finished with the editing. I researched Amazon books and other sites, but was unsure which route to go. I was afraid someone would steal my ideas. Any opinions?

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