Catherines The Great

I’m sure most of you realize my full name is Cathy Lynn Brooks. My mother didn’t want the hassle of having to explain that my name is really Catherine but I’m called Cathy. She lived with that aggravation with her own name. Her full name is Julia but she is called Judy. Then to confuse things even more she married a guy named Jack, whose full name is William John. She named me Cathy and gave me the second name Lynn.

On my High School Diploma it says Catherine. On my college diploma it says Catherine and at work I’m known as Cathy-Lynn. My family and friends just call me plain old Cathy. When I decided to write my book I realized there are too many Cathy Brooks in the world. Many are authors. I needed to distinguish myself so I chose my full given names.

A friend of mine sent me a link to a poetry contest open to people with the name Catherine or shortened versions of that name. It’s open to all Canadians with a derivative of the name Catherine and its’s called “Catherines the Great”. If you want to enter, the link is here.

Here’s my entry.


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