This Is My Kind Of Winter

I live in Canada and as most people know we usually have long, cold, snowy winters in most parts of the country. There are exceptions, however. In Vancouver my cousin reported that they have hummingbirds at their feeder. They experience milder, rainy winters. Where I live, in Ontario, we have the lake effect. Since I live near Lake Ontario we don’t get as much snow as places further north.

We usually get plenty of snow, however, and have lots of frigid temperatures. For the past couple of years our winters started in November with lots of snow and continued to April. We were buried in snow the whole time. I’m not a winter person and thankfully we retreated to Florida for a couple of weeks for a break. It was a long winter.

This year has been the complete opposite. It stayed warm right up to December. There’s been some snow but the it keeps melting with the unseasonably mild temperatures. Yesterday we woke up to a winter wonderland after weeks of green grass. It was a jolt. By afternoon all the snow was gone. I’m enjoying this weather. I hope it stays like this.

View from my daughter’s front door in winter

23 thoughts on “This Is My Kind Of Winter

  1. I’m a weirdo – I love snow! Though how I would cope with thick snow for 6 months I do not know. Here in Massachusetts we have about 9 inches and another 6 forecast the next three days. In France, where I normally live there is hardly any …

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      1. I live in the Auvergne Mountains so we do expect a fair amount of snow each winter. But what you get in Canada is a gazillion times more than we would normally expect and you are right …. I would soon be squealing for mercy given what your normal is 🙂

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  2. The winter has been exceptionally warm everywhere. Here we have had temperatures between 12° and 18C, and only had one morning of frost. The birds were nesting right up to December, and we can step outside any time of the day or night in teeshirts.

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  3. What a beautiful picture…the sky is breathtaking and the trees look ready for spring…love the rocking chair, its nice that you are keeping it in the family..I can’t even begin to understand you loss my friend… thoughts are with you….kat

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  4. […] Tomorrow is my grandson’s birthday party for the family. He is turning a year old on Monday. I will be entertaining a fairly large crowd of between 15 and 20 people. Since it is Springlike weather here we have decided to Barbecue hamburgers. My husband Greg is getting the lawn furniture out of the shed and getting the deck ready for an outdoor party. This weather is exceptionally warm for Canada. I wrote about our mild winter in another post. You can read it here. […]


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