Justine’s Old Rocking Chair

My husband, Greg has been cleaning the basement. It’s always a trip down memory lane and he is finding many treasures down there. Today he brought up Justine’s old rocking chair she had as a child. We will be passing it down to our grandson, Oliver. 


Here’s the updated version


20 thoughts on “Justine’s Old Rocking Chair

  1. Wonderful idea to pass on Justine’s rocking chair!I know your grandson will love it. My sons enjoyed childhood rocking chairs that were mine and their father’s. They have now been passed down to our grandchildren. I hope someday there will be great-grandchildren to rock in them.

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  2. I think it is so beautifully symbolic that it is a rocking chair. Back & forth, back & forth we move when we are in one. Just like love…give & receive, give & receive. Hugs for the love you continue to share in this chair you are giving.

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