Writer’s Quote Wednesday #BeWow

I’ve always admired Maya Angelou and because she passed away the same week my daughter, Justine did, many of her quotes were shared during that time and they brought me inspiration and courage.

I certainly had to face my worst fear and had fallen. I did find the courage to get back up. 

Thank you Maya Angelou! 

I’m entering this quote in Writer’s Quote Wednesday. You can see more or enter yourself here.

15 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday #BeWow

  1. That is a wonderful quote. Maya Angelou was inspirational there is no doubt. You are proving inspirational in the way that you have found the courage to carry on after losing your daughter – undoubtedly the worst thing that can ever befall a parent is to outlive their child. I know this. 🙂

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      1. He was not my birth child but my son nonetheless. This year on October 10th it will be ten years. Proof that time is not so simple because it was yesterday in my head. I send you the warmest I can send

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  2. Thankyou righteousbruin9 …. I just read your kind comment. It’s 10 years this 10th day of the 10th month and I’m not sure how that will be for us all. It becomes part of your fabric I think but the fabric may feel a little unpicked again later this year. I just don’t know. Cathy, I admire you so so much for sharing your thoughts and writing Justine’s story. It is a wonderful thing you are doing

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