Where Did They All Go?

I came across this picture of Justine and her Great-Nanna deep in conversation. We were all at the cottage that weekend and when I think of the people who were there it shocks me. Great-Nanna, both Justine’s grandparents and Justine are all no longer with us. Out of seven people only 3 are left. That doesn’t seem that long ago.


Justine and her Great-grandmother
My mother-in-law, Pauline died in December 2013. She was buried on her birthday. Her husband of 66 years died three months later. A year later, Justine was killed in a car accident. 

My in-laws on their 50th Anniversary

15 thoughts on “Where Did They All Go?

  1. I know you know but it is all my heart can offer: Tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. How much you have loved (them each) is evident, may the blessings you receive as a result be multiplied today. Hugs…

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  2. I recently came across a picture of a huge group of our family together for my Grandmothers funeral over 40 years ago…..all but 4 of us have gone on before us too. Amazing…..my family keeps getting smaller and smaller….your family looked like very loving people….I too am amazed at how many we have lost….and like you not all to age….my heart aches with you….kat

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  3. This is heart achingly tragic. I have only just come across your blog by the sheer flattery of your following mine. I hope I won’t disappoint you. I will take some time out later today to read more of yours but just this post has me stinging with sadness. I hope that those of you left behind can find solace in the lives you shared. I send heartfelt warmth to you.

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  4. Written from the heart, so sad.
    Not so long ago we looked at our wedding pictures of 20 years ago. There was a picture of every guest when they arrived, and it shocked us how many people are gone. Older people, yes, but young people full of dreams at the time too. Makes you sad to think about that.

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