Right Now #Monday Blogs

It’s human nature to dwell on past mistakes or wrongdoings. It’s also normal to look ahead and dream of the future. We spend too much time on these, however and we forget to pay attention to the present. How we feel right now will determine how things will progress. If we feel badly, then we will dwell on that and things will go downhill. When we appreciate all the good in our lives then things will improve.

I heard a good saying on a TV show the other day. The main character was remembering how she had been abused by her drug addicted mother. Her friend gave her some good advice. He said, 

“Put all that in your rear view mirror” I thought that was a great way to express it. 

Stop right now and assess how you are feeling. If you don’t feel happy try to think a happy thought or remember a happy time. It really will bring good things into your life.

Did it make you feel better?


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