One Of My Businesses Must Go

I work full-time as an Educational Assistant. I also have two home-based businesses. You can read more about that here. I’ve also written a book called ,”Not My Story To Tell” about my daughter’s life. You can read about that here. I’d like to get my book edited and published. That’s my goal.  I’m building my platform and hope to get the ball rolling soon. I also write a daily blog. As you can imagine, all of this keeps me pretty busy.

In order to shift my focus, I’ve decided to give up my Wedding Invitation business. I really enjoyed making hand-stamped wedding invitations for couples. As anyone in business knows, it’s the promoting and advertising that takes up the majority of the time. It’s not the actual craft. In an ideal world I’d be wealthy enough to hire someone to do all that and I could just make the product. It’s just not realistic.

Now I have to clean my studio. I work in the basement and I have to admit it’s messy. Most artists will tell you that when you create, your focus is the art. Cleaning up takes the focus away so it rarely gets done. Think of any artist studio. Paints, canvasses, brushes all scattered around. Paint splattered on floors and walls. Artists need to be free to express themselves and hours go by in bliss. Cleaning up would just ruin that. 

Today is the day I’ve been dreading. Not only is it an end to my business that I loved, I have to face re-organizing stamps, ink, stickers, card stock, ribbon, punches, glitter, and many other tools of the trade. Where to start?

Is there a room in your house you have been avoiding because it’s messy?


31 thoughts on “One Of My Businesses Must Go

  1. wow – I am sure this was a tough decision to make – well maybe not – but in my experience I think there are rich rewards when we scale back. So often we measure productivity and forget there is a lot more than that! Well I say this as a few of my books sit in draft forms and as I aim to spend each day to balance ambition with restful, mindful living. We do not mind seasons of busy – in fact – they can be fun – the times of burning many candles (so to speak) – but I think a lifestyle of this leads to angst and burnout. Anyhow, I like reading posts like this – because it sums up exactly what I call that “balanced ambition” – anyhow – I just tackled some “piles” that I was putting off – I refused to do anything until I went through them (so I could end January with them done) and that tough boundary helped me get it done.
    Hope you have a good day. 🙂

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  2. It sounds like my dining room table! It has turned into the craft table with my daughter. Finger paint on the chairs and seats, bits of play doh everywhere. Clean up one project to just start on another and push the items to the side when we have to eat.

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  3. Your cards are beautiful…maybe some day you will be able to get back into it…..I believe its so important to know our limitations and boundaries…good for you….I know it must be hard to give up something that brings you such pleasure, but maybe its only for a short time….kat

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