Update to “I Could Use A Little Cash”

I asked the Laws of Attraction to bring me some money last week. Rhonda Byrnes suggests we should carry a cheque in our pocket to remind us of what we want to attract in her book “The Magic”. It’s the sequel to “The Secret” and “The “Power”. You can see my post here.

In the 7 days that passed I received a cheque from my mother. It was for some business that she has expanded to her friends. I did some other business with my company and will receive my commission cheque this week. My business is USANA Health Sciences and you can access my website  here. I sold some of my Blue Willow dishes and you can read about those here.

I’m not desperate for money. I work full time and I pay all my bills on time. I have my own business. My morgage is payed off. My husband has been retired for eight years. He retired at aged 48. I’m living comfortably. Why did I post that? I know there are  people who need more money than I do. 

I posted this to prove that the laws of attraction work. Send a message and it will come back. Like attracts like. It’s scientific! Like molecules attract like molecules. You learned about it in Science class if you were paying attention. 

You might say that the money would have come anyway. It would have! I just would not have noticed it. This week I kept track so I could report back. This is what the laws of attraction do. They make us aware of all the good things that happen to us. Then we appreciate them. Then more things happen to enrich our lives. 

I challenge you to try it. Then report back. Who doesn’t like money? What have you got to lose?

15 thoughts on “Update to “I Could Use A Little Cash”

  1. I also believe if you put it out there in the universe for all to hear it will happen, maybe not as fast as you would like but it will happen….great post and love the thought of putting a check in my pocket….will go get one now…LOL the picture of the sunrise is beautiful…..It looked like one we had the other morning…..kat

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