Gina’s a Ray of Sunshine

Toronto radio station CHFI is holding a contest called the “Ray of Sunshine” contest. People can nominate their spouse, overworked college, friend, neighbour or anyone who they think deserves a Mexican vacation. The person who nominees them also wins. They get a $500 travel voucher. It’s a great contest. When the winner is chosen, the DJ goes to their home or workplace and surprises them. 

Most people here know me as a blogger/writer and an Educational Assistant. I also have my own business. You can read more about that here. I’m fortunate to be partnered with an amazing company called USANA Health Sciences. You can check out my website  here. The people who work in the office and plant are the most friendly and competent people I’ve ever met. They are always so pleasant and helpful. 

One of those pleasant and competent people, Cindy, nominated her pleasant and competent colleague, Gina for the trip and she won! 

Here’s the story.

Congratulations Gina and Cindy! You both deserve it!


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