Do you like to cook?

More and more I’m noticing that people don’t cook. They buy prepared meals, go to take out places or eat in restaurants. When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s most families cooked and ate at home. My own family never ate in restaurants. The only time we got take out was very occasionally we would be sent down to the Frosty Queen for a footlong or fries when my parents were having a dinner party. My mother never got out of cooking. She cooked all day in preparation for her 5 course sit down dinners for 10. She never ate at the Frosty Queen ever, that I know of.

She still cooks meals daily and so do I. Occasionally we will go out to eat but that is just for a special treat. Eating out is expensive and the the meals are sodium laden. It is not something we would do regularly for our bank accounts or our health. I know we are old fashioned in today’s society. 

When I was in High School, girls were expected to take Home Ec.(Home Economics), where we learned how to cook and sew. The economics part was where we learned how much money we could save by doing these things ourselves. It’s really astounding how much of a difference it is. Since my mother cooked, we helped out and felt comfortable in the kitchen, cooking was just normal behaviour. We are very confident in our ability. I do own a sewing machine and can sew a straight line to make pillows and curtains and sew a rip, but I never really liked sewing. My mother sewed when we were growing up. She made mod  60’s outfits for herself and Barbie clothes for our dolls.

Many people are terrified of cooking. It’s not rocket science and the worst that could happen is maybe burn the food. I’m not sure why it’s so scary. Maybe they failed once or twice by adding too much salt or something. Cooking is like anything else. You have to practice until you do it well. I know I’m not the best cook. My mom and sister are fabulous cooks. I’m average. I can get a meal on the table. It’s not gourmet cooking and I never measure anything or use a cookbook. 

Tonight we’re having pulled pork. I’ve never made it before and come to think of it, I’ve never eaten it either. I’m making it in the slow cooker. I’ve maybe used that apparatus twice before. Does it worry me? Nope. I’m sure it will be fine. 


Pulled Pork simmering in the slow cooker
Do you cook? How often do you eat out?

36 thoughts on “Do you like to cook?

  1. oooo pulled pork in the slow cooker, that will be so yummy!

    Someone in my family will cook every day. I do most the cooking, but my hubby and my son are both quite useful in the kitchen. We all love food, and we love trying new things.

    We eat out – maybe once a month? So not very often, but we thoroughly enjoy it when we do. We go to good restaurants, Mickey D did not prosper off of OUR money – that is for sure ;-D

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  2. I don’t like eating out..I prefer to cook my food in house. I definitely don’t want my family eating out all the time too. Once in months is fine, all the time is depressing.


  3. We were like your family. Going to McDonald’s was a huge treat (!). My mom was a wonderful cook and taught me well, and to this day I don’t like to eat in restaurants. Too expensive and rarely as good as something I can make at home. My mom also made all my clothes (except jeans, of course) when I was growing up, including swim suits and underwear! She even made my dad’s suits. I can sew at an intermediate level, but don’t do it often. Your pictures have reminded me it’s time for dinner!

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  4. t looks yummy….love your blog….certainly looked like a cold drive…I used to live where there was snow on the road and it could get pretty slick….glad you made it home safely….when I was young we didn’t have any real restaurants in our little home town, there was a drive through where you could get an ice cream cone, there was this one place I can remember where it was family style on old tables lines up…,spaghetti and some sad garlic bread like stuff….we didn’t eat there but once that I can remember….that could of even been the moose’s lodge…LOL what am I afraid of….I try not live with fear, but to be honest I am scared of someone breaking into my home with me in it…..there are so many bad people out there….my husband refuses to live in fear and says what will happen will happen….so I am trying to live by his words…have a great week…kat

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  5. My mom used to work when I was little so she rarely cooks well except on Sunday and Eid Day. After she retired, she cooks every day. I help her although I don’t really like cooking. I’m more into baking than cooking. However, helping my mom in the kitchen while talking almost everything, it’s always been heaven on earth for me. And like you, I don’t really into sewing although my mom sewed most of my school uniform back then.

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  6. Ok I’m going to be honest. I cook no more than 4 days a week. We actually love take out from places like Pollo Tropical etc. I’m trying to work up to 5 days a week but I’m never prepared enough to do so.

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  7. It is weird but since my operation and the fact that I consider every mouthful has to count nowadays I seldom eat out as I much prefer to make my own food to match my new palate.
    You are right there is no control over what is served even when you are specific about your requirements.
    Going out is expensive and is a treat but because of this we expect much more than we usually get.
    The world today….😳😳

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  8. You make good points and I am extra grateful I learned how to sew with a machine and it has been a fun hobby and useful one over the years- and with cooking – I k is what u mean with how some folks maybe would enjoy it or just benefit from it – but from my experience it is not always Cheaper cooking at home -places have specials and sometimes the price of groceries can be high too – and in 2001 we used to have a friend who would get curbside meals and divi them up for her family – I forget the price – but seriously affordable and delicious – not all places have high sodium and nitrate food – so I think there are many angles – and good for you for having a mom who was handy in the kitchen – not everyone does -and again – I like your encouragement for folks to do this more – and my crockpot is one of the most well used items here – but at the end of the day – I don’t enjoy cooking

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  9. I cooked almost every meal for three sons and a husband until my sons left home and finally so did I. My mother did not like to cook but could make some very good dishes and desserts. I was good at the basics but quit when I had the chance. I would love to cook some of my favorites but the calorie count is too high. I live on Lean Cuisine, omelets and big salads with chicken chopped up in them. No desserts in my house!

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  10. I think it’s really valuable to learn to feel confident cooking, whether we learn at home or school. It’s such a shame we don’t get more opportunity to learn at school nowadays. It makes sense to me that if we’re more familiar with cooking and it’s part of our life, then we’re more likely not to give it up even if we are under pressure or unstable in other areas of our lives.
    I sometimes enjoy cooking if I have a friend coming over or if I’m baking for an occasion.
    However I find all too easily daily cooking is the first thing that goes when I’m tired or ill physically or struggling with demands of everyday and my mental health. I know that’s not good. I don’t eat out much but on days I work I usually have my main meal in the staff canteen because it’s healthy food and heavily subsidised so it’s very affordable. Being on my own it does not work out more expensive to eat there than if I had my main meal at home. We are very fortunate. At all my former workplaces the food available on site (if there was any) was very expensive.
    Ginny xxx

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