I Could Use A Little Cash

When learning about the laws of attraction you really have to change your mindset. Wayne Dyer calls it the “shift”. You have to start feeling grateful for even the smallest things and then you will stop focussing on the things that go wrong. This turns things around so that you become a more positive person. The reason this is so important is because THEN good things start happening to you. You attract positivity by being positive. 

One of the exercises in the book, “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrnes was to carry a cheque around in your pocket for a week. This made you aware of the money that you received. It was amazing how much money I gained that week. I’m in the mood for some extra cash. Here’s my affirmation. 

Wish me luck! Why don’t you try it?  

32 thoughts on “I Could Use A Little Cash

  1. When I post these types of content, I will receive many comments disputing the validity of the power of positivity. It amazes me how blind people are to the power of their words and mindset. Common sense tells me a positive mind is more beneficial than a negative mind. How do others not see this?

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    1. Some people are so negative that they can’t see anything but bad things. Of course they are bringing that to themselves but it’s a pattern that they are stuck in. It takes the “shift” to get them out of that lifestyle and some people never get it, sadly.

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    2. Just a little ramble from me here, maybe the negative comments comes from non-magical creatures (as myself)? Meaning that “The Secret” talk about the universe responding in a magical way is bogus. Its not magic. Not at all. Its not universal energy swinging at the same wavelength as yourself. All of that is bullcrap.

      What it is, and why the exercises and examples actually do work – is psychology. By altering the way you think, even the tiniest bit, will affect the choises you make (even the more unconcious ones) and other people will also respond to you alittle diffrently. Psychology. Not magic.

      Just my two cents 🙂 (and with that said, I’m all for thinking positively. Not that positivity will cure cancer, but you’ll feel better while batteling it.)

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      1. Olive, I can appreciate your point, but it seems to me your argument is one of semantics. Psychology, “magic,” mentality, positivity…whatever you want to call it, it works. imho.

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      2. You aren’t way off. Like attracting like is scientific. It’s the laws of nature. First people have to shift from negative to positive to start attracting like energy. Otherwise you will just keep attracting negative energy.

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      3. I agree it’s all how you think and therefore psychology. It’s not magic, of course. The point is that you start to see things differently and then you see more positive than negative and that vastly improves your life. Did I get more money? I don’t know but I sure noticed it more and appreciated it more. That’s what makes it seem magical. Who doesn’t want a little magic in life?

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  2. One of the earliest “common sense” teachings that my psychologist that began working with me after my crime and commitment to the mental institution was learning to recognize this very literal what most call “black and white thinking.” I had a boyfriend at the time and anytime he upset me or hurt my feelings, I would break up with him and not speak to him for several days. Then I would get lonely and we’d get back together. I’d then go into a manic “high” and tell my counselor all the good qualities in this man and how we eventually wanted to get married. Then I’d get upset again and trash him like spoiled milk.

    Once I saw the pattern, not only in my present life at the time, but in my teenage years and the way I would look back at my parents and focus only on the negative ways they raised me, my counselor asked me to take one example or incident and then see what grew out of that experience that I would now call positive. Once I began doing that, it made it easier for me to forgive my parents and easier for me to see the pattern in myself and to start unraveling the knots of my soul.

    The best thing I have ever seen was recently here at this mental health facility. In my small counseling group, the teacher showed us a video that I will attempt to attach a link here. It’s about how people treated 3 jars of cooked rice differently each day for like a month. One jar was talked to positively being told it’s loved and good and so forth, the other, was told how much it was hated, and the third was neglected all together. Now if you still don’t believe in the power of your own words after seeing this, then I must assume you are like the neglected rice and that is why common sense was never properly developed in your life.

    It is called the Masaru Emoto’s Rice Experiment with this being the original. You can find others doing the same thing in several videos on youtube. Here is the web page:

    OK, so I don’t know if this will turn into a video or not once I hit post, but it only last like four minutes to watch it. May everyone who sees it, take some knowledge of it and share it. – LaVancia

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  3. whaaw ! amazing… what we , psychotherapists, learn to be important for humans in pychology seems to be important for rice also? This reflects how we , humans, are still but a part of Nature , or ,if you want, are also a part of Nature, depending on how you see our place on this world. Thanks for sharing.
    About positive affirmations to yourself, it only works when you are convinced that you’re worth it ! In that matter I translated a text from my collegue Kavita Panyam in India , this is the link where you can also click to read it in English : http://psychotherapievoorjou.com/2015/10/10/affirmaties/

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  4. It happens that I will have next to nothing for three days, but then the golden sky will open up and I will receive my earned pay. Being happy with both circumstances has proven the way to ensure the latter. I believe wholeheartedly in the Law of Attraction, and it’s accompanying 11 Laws.

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