What Scares You?

I just drove home from my daughter’s house. It’s a 2 hour drive. I left early because we heard it was going to be bad weather. I really don’t like driving on snowy highways. The road was slippery but not snow covered until one area. The visibility was very poor and because the snow was deep everyone was driving in the middle lane of a three-lane highway. We were all driving very slowly. I don’t know why there were no snow plows along that part. The snow plows were out earlier in the drive where there was much less snow.

There were a couple of accidents along the way too. Some people were driving too fast for the conditions. In both cases one vehicle was facing backward so it appears it spun out of control. It’s not just me I’m concerned about but the other drivers who seem to be oblivious of the danger. 

One time we were driving home to my parents’ place for Christmas in a horrible snow storm. They lived in the “snow belt” and the visibility and snow drifts were horrendous. Even the snow plows stopped and they closed the highway about a half hour away from home. My husband and I had driven for one and a half hours and did not want to stop when we were so close to home so we carried on. A half hour drive ended up being  two hours that day. We couldn’t even see if we were on the road. It was completely white. My husband had to stick his head out the window. It was terrifying!

What scares you?

21 thoughts on “What Scares You?

  1. I’m sorry that you had such a stressful drive Cathy. Thanks be that you’re home safe praise God. Hope you can stay in the warm now. It’s colder over in the UK now too, though not a patch on your snow and ice. We British are useless at doing any kind of weather and complain too much and transport systems grind to a halt at the smallest amount of snow etc. Must be why we love talking about the weather so much 😉
    What scares me? Now I think I’ll make that into a post on my blog. It’s quite a prominent topic to me right now. Thank you for the idea.
    Ginny xx

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  2. Would you believe that over here in the Netherlands we are having such a mild winter! There isn’t much snow normally but we hadn’t had any frost either until two days ago. And reading your story I was thinking that with the least bit of snow we are all in stress here, warnings on the weather channel and such. Must be funny for you, as I’m guessing you normally have much, much more snow than we do!

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