Do You Like Documentaries?

I’ve been on a documentary mission since New Years when I watched “Making A Murderer”. I’m sure most of you have heard about that one. It’s been in the news almost every day. It’s about Steven Avery and his murder trial which appears to be biased. I won’t give away the details but with all the media attention he may get another trial. 

Since watching that I’ve been watching many more documentaries on Netflix. There were 2 on Aileen Wournos, who was considered to be the first female serial killer. Charlize Theron played her in the Hollywood movie “Monster” a few years ago and was nominated for many awards after making herself look very ugly. The movie made her out to be a serial killer but the documentary told a completely different story.

I’ve watched “Kurt & Courtney”about Kurt Cobain and his wife Courtney Love, “The History of the Eageles” about the band, and one about another band I like, “Journey”. All were so entertaining and provocative. 

Have you seen any good documentaries?

19 thoughts on “Do You Like Documentaries?

  1. I’ll have to watch this one on Netflix Cathy. I do like documenatries myself. The one about Scientology was interesting. There are so many but my brain isn’t fully caffeinated yet 🙂

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  2. Oh! My husband and I just finished watching Making A Murderer! I cannot believe the way they have been treated! He deserves a new trial. You should watch Dear Zachary too. That one made me cry and very angry. It’s also a documentary.

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