Star Wars….Smar wars!

I may be the only person in the galaxy who is not a fan of Star Wars. I fell asleep in the original movie back in the day. I thought it was a bore. I’m not a fan of space movies or science fiction. I may have watched one of the sequels but I honestly don’t know for sure so it obviously left no lasting impression. I wouldn’t wait outside for a week for any reason but for this movie I just don’t understand what all the craziness is about.  

 I’m not really interested in the most popular movies. Blockbusters are just not my thing. I prefer art house movies. My daughter, Candice and I spent a weekend in February for the last two years at the Kingston Film Festival. We stayed in a hotel downtown and walked to the shows, sometimes seeing 3 and 4 movies in one day. It’s a 3 day affair and we would see 7 or 8 movies in a weekend. I really enjoyed that.  

 I do consider myself a movie buff. I try to see all the movies that get nominated for Academy awards or at least the movies that star the actors who are nominated. I’ve heard Star Wars will be nominated but I’ll skip that one. If it wins I will not care. 

12 thoughts on “Star Wars….Smar wars!

  1. If you like the Art House style maybe you should try the Italian Cinema Paradiso or Il Postino. Another couple of good ones are two French movies The Intouchables and Populaire. Obviously there are the classic Ingmar Bergmans but every now and then a real gem comes out of nowhere such as the 1931 film M or the french classic noir Les Diaboliques.
    Just a few I consider to be worthy of a viewing….

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  2. I am one of that people who think Star Wars is only IV, V and VI chapters because I find the others very boring. At the end, I think it’s a problem of tastes. If you don’t like science fiction films, I understand your point of view. I think the success of the Star Wars saga is from the originality of the story and of the special effects that was introduced in the 80’s.

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