2015-A Look Back

January started out in Naples Florida. It was a wonderful place to begin a new year and leave 2014 behind. I wrote about the year we lost Justine a few days ago. You can read that here. It was the roller coaster year of ups and downs. The “up” part was learning we were going to become first-time grandparents. God or the universe or whatever you believe in shone down on us and brightened our lives.  

New Year’s Eve in Florida
Oliver Justin Brooks came into the world 3 weeks early on March 14, 2015. My daughter, Candice and I had spend several days in the hospital, prior to his birth. It was a fun, but frustrating few days as they tried each method of induction twice. Candice’s blood pressure had spiked, just as mine did when I was pregnant with Justine. I thought I knew everything about induction except it worked the second time with me. They took 6 tries over 3 or 4 days to get this baby boy birthed. While we waited, Candice was feeling relatively good (aside from morning sickness she had dealt with throughout her entire pregnancy)and we watched movies, ate in bed and treated our stay like a little spa holiday. I was there for all the labour and delivery. It was a magical time. This all happened right around the 1st anniversary of Justine’s death. What could have been a heartbreak became a joyful time. He’s been the biggest blessing to us. 
My new grandson

I spent the winter and spring writing my book, “Not My Story To Tell” between visits with my daughter and grandson. I work full-time so it was a busy time. In July I took an online Hay House Writer’s Workshop, hoping to learn more about what to do when my book was finished. I knew there would be an editing process and the quest to find a publisher but I had never anticipated the need to develop a platform before anything else. I had a Facebook Page and Twitter account and had dabbled in blogging but I decided I needed to get serious. I started this Blog, signed up for WordPress U 201 and haven’t looked back. The unexpected surprise is the wonderful camaraderie and new friends that have enhanced my life. 

I didn’t really know where this post would lead me but it appears this year was about babies. My book, which is about my baby, Justine, who we lost in 2014, my grandson, Oliver who is 9 months old now and the love of my life and this blog, which was a new life and focus for me in 2015. It truly was a very happy year. One I’ll never forget.  

Justine at 9 months

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