I’ve Exceeded My Blogging Goals

I was wondering how I did achieving the goals I set out for myself when I started last July. I took Blogging 201 and they gave specific questions to ask ourselves. I hadn’t really thought about them before that and really had no idea what numbers to use. This is what I came up with. 

I have surpassed them all, I’m pleased to say.

 I have 464 followers

I have just done my 200th post. 


Have you set and achieved your goals?

24 thoughts on “I’ve Exceeded My Blogging Goals

  1. Considering you have been blogging only since July, you’ve had great success. I did’nt set myself goals, but along the way I always looked forward and upwards. I may not have been a shooting star, but I’m proud of my work, and delighted to have made blogger friends across the world. Here’s to the next year, hope it’s a good one for you Cathy! x

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  2. It’s funny I only had one goal when I started blogging, that was to tell people of my journey, I am quite disappointed at myself. Because in not spending time (like you) every week many have missed out on being encouraged possibly. That saddens me. I only realised today what I am doing wrong. Not giving time to other bloggers. Thankyou for waking me up xx Fonz

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    1. Thank for saying that. I think it’s important to set realistic, timely goals. I will blog 4 times a week until February (for example). It keeps you on track. I always say I will blog every day and I do but it might be a photo blog or a quote. It doesn’t have to be an essay.

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      1. My goal is to blog every day for 365 days, or to put it another way 365 blogs in 365 days. I am ahead of my target. But the main point in blogging for me is to encourage others fighting cancer. Realising that by writing to other bloggers in turn gets you hits is simple, and effective. My blog is having its best week ever this week. 937 views in one day. I don’t know if that’s good though. Thanks for your encouragement x

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