I Hope You Feel Divinely Protected and Guided #Monday Blogs

Louise Hay is an author and mentor to millions of people. She wrote, “You Can Heal Your Life” among many others. She is the owner of Hay House. I highly recommend her books because she started off like many of us, feeling inadequate, sad, and lonely. She decided to quit the personal “pity party” and changed her thinking. She learned that it’s our own thoughts that make us unhappy and we can improve our lives with some self-talk. We can attract happiness and peace to us. Once you learn how to use the laws of attraction you can guide through life feeling safe and protected.  

I am living proof that this can happen. I’ve heard it said many times that the worst thing that can happen to a person is to lose a child. My first born daughter was killed in a car accident last year. Even though that happened, I still live my life knowing I’m safe. Bad things happen but I still believe that by thinking good thoughts I am guiding happiness into my life. 

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful week! 


13 thoughts on “I Hope You Feel Divinely Protected and Guided #Monday Blogs

  1. Cathy, great message to start out a Holiday week with. Thinking good thoughts is surely bringing happiness into your life as hopefully also is the act of sharing your thoughts with your readers. Have a wonderful week for you and yours!

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