Some Days Are Diamonds

I’m having the best day. My student, who is autistic, is happily co-operating with everything today. Autistic kids don’t usually like change. This boy in particular likes things the same. In past years (before holidays) he’s been fed up and not enjoying school.

The first thing he encountered this morning was a supply teacher. Then the “Best Buddies” who are a group of teens who enjoy working with kids who have special needs, threw a party. There was painting, wrapping the kids up in streamers to make a snowman, cookies and juice. He had so much fun. You’d think that would be the norm, but not for kids who have sensory overload and are resistive to change. In the past he would try to leave at the first opportunity. Today he stayed for the entire thing.

The class is going to sing in the concert on Friday. My student not only put on a pair of antlers but stood with his class swaying to the song, not once, not twice but three times, to practice. He smiled the entire time. Last year he ran away. 

Then came lunch. I didn’t think he’d be interested in getting his picture taken with Santa, but there he was, grinning for the camera! I’m so proud of his success. This is why I do this work. I get a real sense of joy and fulfillment when my students flourish.

*An update to this post* Today was the concert and this student was the first on across the stage swaying to the song. I was SO proud of him!

21 thoughts on “Some Days Are Diamonds

      1. Thank you 🙂 He’s improved a lot. He struggles with reading still but he’s getting better. We work on it. I’ve had him in speech since he was 2. He wouldn’t talk a lot so they taught us a little bit of sign language. He does well according to the ARDs. I see it too when I work with him. He’ll hopefully be out of the program by 6th grade. I’m so appreciative of his teachers and the aides. You should feel proud of your job :). I lose it with him at times. I can’t imagine teaching a group! Educators should get a raise!

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