See the things you want as already yours #Monday Blogs

This one needs no explanation. One of the suggestions in the book “The Magic” was to carry a cheque with a large amount in your pocket for a week. I was amazed at how much money came to me that week. With the holidays around the corner, imagine yourself owning that special gift.   

What do you own now?
Happy Monday!

13 thoughts on “See the things you want as already yours #Monday Blogs

  1. Cathy, I remember reading that Jim Carrey (I am 99.9 per cent sure it was Jim Carrey), when he was a starving actor pre-fame, wrote himself a check for a million dollars. What a wonderful symbol of confidence in himself–and it was justified! Great post for a season of hope.


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  2. Will certainly check this out…am reading a book called *Sebetically Speaking* written by a Ghanian Author..loving every page. I nominated you for the grateful blogger award few minutes ago. Do check it out when you have the chance and accept either by commenting or reblogging or creating a wonderful new post. I know awards arent everyone’s thing, so please do what you are absolutely okay with. Gracia. Muaaah.

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