Justine Loved Christmas

 Justine was very family oriented. She attended, and even initiated countless family functions. One particular joy was during Christmas time. She would make us wait for her to get off work so she could be here with us. She would always wear a pair of antlers when she arrived so she could hand out all her presents as “Rudolph.”

She always chose beautiful gifts for everyone. She shopped all year long so she would have the perfect present for each person. She gave out cards to all her clients at work. She seemed to have an abundance of energy during the Christmas season. 

My sister will be spending her first Christmas without her husband. She is happy to be flying to Toronto from Vancouver to spend Christmas with us this year. She had this to say when I asked her how she was doing, “Of course, that also pinches in terms of realizing how Justine would have enjoyed a big family gathering.”

We spent last Christmas in Florida. It was our first Christmas without Justine. It was a distraction to be away from home. This year may be more like our first year without her. She will be very missed. 

20 thoughts on “Justine Loved Christmas

  1. I will be sending you my hugs this Christmas Season…especially that you may find a hidden treasure that Justine will no doubt bring to you. Whether softly or with the clanging of bells & whistles…I know you will find her there, somewhere tucked in the Season, a treasured precious gift she will show you how to unwrap. Blessings…

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  2. Hello Cathy…I feel your pain..just remember she is with you, smiling and happy knowing your moving forward….I am sure she misses you too! I miss my sister all the time…she’s been gone since 2007 and I still pick up the phone to all her find myself looking for gifts for her and my mom….its painful, but getting easier…but they will never be forgotten…. your little dog is a cuttie….I love the pictures of family and pets on here…makes it so personal…my border collie hates her picture, and good quote from good ole John….glad you put up a few decorations….it will bring you happiness in the long run….I wish you much happiness and love this Holiday Season…..kat

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  3. Cathy, I think it is great that you BLOG about memories like this. What you do is not only good for your own well-being but models for others who have lost someone they love a way to memorialize the gift our loved ones are and have been in our lives. Thanks so much for sharing this.

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