Your Imagination Is A Powerful Tool

Rhonda Byrne is the author of “The Secret”,”The Power”and  “The Magic”. I read all three books plus watched the movies. They really transformed my life. I was a positive person but the philosophy in these books really helped me look for the good in the world. 

You might think that when my daughter, Justine was killed in a car accident last year I would fall to pieces. I truly believe if I hadn’t adopted my positive way of thinking I would have not been able to recover from such a loss. The Laws of Attraction helped me understand that everything happens as it’s supposed to. I find peace knowing that. 

This quote is a great one for bloggers because we really do use our imaginations daily. We really should be grateful for possessing such a wonderful tool.

I’m entering this quote in Writer’s Quote Wednesday and #BEWOW. You can see the other entries or enter a quote yourself here and here.

17 thoughts on “Your Imagination Is A Powerful Tool

  1. Thank you for these recommended reads! I am going to add them to my ‘Stocking Wish List’ so that I will have them to read following the Holidays! What a great way to begin a new year by reinforcing positivity in my life! As a means of returning the favor I would recommend to you a similar read of: “Searching for and Maintaining Peace” by Father Jacques Philippe. A wonderful teaching tool for maintaining the peace and positivity you are speaking of! Hugs & Blessings!!

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    1. Thanks so much Dawn Marie. I’m so happy to have inspired you to set positivity as your New Year’s Resolution. That’s fantastic. The third book, “The Magic” gives daily tasks to do. I will look for “Searching for and Maintaining Peace”. Thanks for that recommendation.

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  2. What an amazing quote. I have a DVD of the Secret that my daughter gave to me. The power within our minds is simply amazing if we just tap into it and believe in ourselves. Well done! ❤


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