Justine Was Vegetarian

I’m making pasta sauce for dinner tonight. I put beef and pork in my sauce. Justine loved pasta but she didn’t eat the meat. She didn’t mind that the sauce was cooked with the meat, however. This is unusual for vegetarians I think. I may be wrong but I believe most vegetarians would not eat anything cooked with meat.

When I made sauce and Justine was living at home or came for dinner, I would strain the sauce and she would eat it on her pasta. I have a very fine strainer that would catch all the tiny strands of ground beef and pork. It would also strain all the vegetables so basically it was a very thin sauce. She loved it. As a mom, I was happy she was getting all the nutrients and protein because it was all cooked together. 

Justine decided to become Vegetarian when she was 10 years old and she never ate meat again. I wrote about that in another blog. You can read it here.

Do you know any vegetarians who would eat food cooked with meat?

17 thoughts on “Justine Was Vegetarian

  1. Wifey used to be one of them. But she did it on her way to becoming a non-vegetarian. We Punjabis are non-vegetarians; she comes from a vegetarian family. Justine had a very high degree of empathy. She was a very sweet girl.

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  2. My daughter Anne also became a vegetarian at about the same age as Justine; we also thought it was a passing phase but she is now 26 and has never eaten meat again. She is a good cook and very healthy, knowing how to get the proper nutrition with vegetarian offerings. She tried a vegan diet for one month, but found it very difficult and not suited to her. She will not eat anything that has been cooked with meat, like vegetables cooked with a roast beef! She will also not eat anything with gelatin in it since it’s made with animal bones (marshmallows and some yogurts have it as an ingredient.)

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  3. The youngest of my two daughters became vegetarian when I did. She was 9 years old at the time, 25 years later, we still choose to eat cheese, milk and eggs, so although we would not eat anything cooked with meat, we know that the rules are not set in stone, and we make choices daily.

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