Camera Lucida-Garden Treasure

We found this old iron bed on the side of the road and asked the owners if it was for sale. They were putting it out for garbage so we asked if we could have it. We painted it white because it was originally black. You can see it needs to be repainted but I do like the rustic look. This is just one of the many garden treasures we have in our 1/2 acre property. We call it the “Flower Bed” of course. 

I’m entering this photo in the Camera Lucida photo challenge. You can enter here.  

26 thoughts on “Camera Lucida-Garden Treasure

  1. That’s gorgeous! It makes me think of spring, and that TV show called “Rosemary & Thyme” (British lady-gardeners). Thanks for making me smile! I hope you win the contest 🙂

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