Focus on things you can change #Monday Blogs

It’s easy to hang onto things we can’t change and dwell on them. It becomes habit. It’s like a movie that replays in our mind over and over. When that happens we get caught in a negative thought pattern. Then things begin to go wrong in other areas of our lives. It’s a vicious cycle. 

We can change it, however but it takes practice. We must start to notice the good things in our lives and say “Thank you”. However small that seems it will begin the change in mindset from negative to positive. Showing gratitude is the first step in using the laws of attraction to bring good things into our lives. Start by simple things, like having a roof over your head, food, a cozy bed. Watch how things improve. 

Happy Monday!

10 thoughts on “Focus on things you can change #Monday Blogs

  1. This is great timing Cathy. I’m normally a very positive person but lately a number of things have been changing the way I’ve been looking at things and that’s been affecting my mood. This was exactly what I needed today to snap me out of the spiral. Thanks for the reminder. Have a great day.

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