Should I Add My Two Cents Over The Red Cup?

I’m not even sure I want to enter this debate but I already commented on another post here. I would like to point out that I am Christian. I was born a Protestant and converted to Catholicism when I got married 36 years ago. We raised our children Catholic and they were alter servers for many years. I work in a Catholic High School and my kids went all through school in the Separate School system. 

I celebrate Christmas, like most Christians. I love the story of how Mary and Joseph had to sleep in a stable where Mary gave birth to Jesus. The wise men saw the star and came to bring Him gifts. It’s a beautiful story. 

Why in heaven’s name does any Christian think that a coffee company has any responsibility to adopt this holiday? I’m sure they have thousands of employees of all religions. They have millions of customers of all religions. Their previous cups did not depict Christmas in any way. It had pictures of snowflakes and reindeer. Where does it say “We are Celebrating Christmas”?

 This is such a ridiculous controversy. Celebrate at home with your family. Donate to the less fortunate. Go to church! Please stop assuming everyone is celebrating your (our) holiday. That’s not even Christian. That’s pompous! 

Jesus loved EVERYONE. He was Jewish.

Please feel free to comment. I’m aware this may not be my most popular post but I welcome debate. 

42 thoughts on “Should I Add My Two Cents Over The Red Cup?

  1. Yes! I am so with you on this , totally!
    And I was raised Catholic , and half my family is Jewish.
    Let s respect everyone’s beliefs and not impose ours into others , much less in issues and places where it does not belong.
    Turtle Hugs 🙂

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  2. Yep. I don’t think anyone should assume anything about anyone or any company unless told something. o,O And the whole red cup, wow. I normally don’t get in to these things or comment on my blog about them but this one was so out there and ridiculous that I had to. The loud mouths that were protesting over the whole thing just make sensible, common sense nice Christians look bad by association. GRRRR!!!! Okay, I feel better now. 😀

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  3. Thank you! I do not follow any religion, but was ~technically raised Catholic and taught to respect all faiths. I did not think the previous cups were exclusive to Christians, but I appreciate their attempts to be even m ore inclusive – and frankly, they have every right to change the designs of their products as they see fit. If this is the biggest issue these people have to protest, I wish I lived lives as charmed as theirs.

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  4. Our country has real issues. If these people who are so zealous and passionate about something as trivial as a snowflake on a cup would turn that passion to real issues, what a wonderful world this would be.

    Homelessness. Hunger. Anti-bullying. Supporting our elderly. Illiteracy. Anti- racism. The list is endless. Pick one. Make a difference.

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  5. Till the controversy arose I didn’t even realize that Starbucks cups in the previous years had snowflakes or whatever it was. It’s a cup, I drink my coffee and throw it right out. I’m more concerned how my coffee tastes than what design is on the outside. Some people just need to find something to pick on.

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  6. Like you, I’m Catholic. And in my way of not mincing words, I don’t give a shit what the cups look like. Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks is Jewish–I think that next year the cups should be blue in honor of Hanukah. Honestly, the evangelical *cough* “Christians ” are digging their own graves with this so-called war on Christmas. Do these morons realize we are a world of both Christians and non-Christians? Believers and non-believers? It’s sickening #ilovestarbucks!

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  7. People are crazy! This is the stupidest “controversy” I’ve hear of, except maybe the whole #boycottstarwars thing. But if they want to drum up a whole bunch of free publicity for the people they’re angry at, I say go to town. I bet Starbucks thanks them for it!

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  8. Hmmm. Since I make my morning coffee from the Price Rite instant stuff, I wouldn’t have known about all o’ dis. So I just checked an article over at CNBC. Hmmm. I don’t get why everyone’s so upset. I suppose red is a very seasonal color; I suppose some people are angry because it’s not Christmas-y enough? But I’m sure Jesus doesn’t care what the Starbucks cup looks like. (I think He only cares when I act like a jerk for not getting what I want.) Ya know?

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  9. Well said! A completely ridiculous “controversy!” It’s nothing but a tempest in a tea…er…coffee pot!
    And since when are last year’s snowflakes, evergreens, and deer “Christian?” They say nothing but “winter” to me anyway.

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