People Take Different Roads

When I need inspiration I often go to Justine’s Facebook Profile. This is a very insightful quote and displays Justine’s spirit well. Justine, for those who aren’t familiar with my blogs was my 29 year old daughter. She suffered from Bipolar Disorder and did take a different road, trying to find fulfillment and happiness. She was killed in a car accident last year, 3 months after posting this. It’s a wonderful quote. I’m entering this in #BEWOW and Writer’s Quote Wednesday weekly challenges. 

16 thoughts on “People Take Different Roads

  1. I find myself, on occasion, not really criticizing I would say but questioning someone else’s choices and path in life. Little do I realize that, like the Dalai Lama said, your path is not necessarily the right path generally. It may be the right one for you but not for someone else. I have to learn as well and remember to not compare my journey to others, people are on different paths or they’re further in their path than myself because they started before me. Thank you for sharing this!

    Great post, seriously! We should connect, come check me out! Just search “Toronto Life Coach” on Google, I am studying under Master Life Coach Bruno LoGreco. Keep up the inspiring work!

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