Justine’s Prom

Justine did not graduate from her High School. She was one or two credits short and could not concentrate on school work anymore. She also suffered from test anxiety and this caused great stress. She had a job and was happy working so she didn’t go back to her high school. I do recall driving her to an alternative high school for a semester but I’m not sure if she succeeded in attaining all her credits. 

She did attend her High School Prom though. She had a very specific idea for a short dress and she had it handmade. It was red taffeta with black shiny trim. She didn’t bring a date and told me that I was old fashioned for thinking that one was required. I was happy that people didn’t need a date anymore. She met her girlfriend at her house, I took a few pictures and off they went. There was a “field” party afterward at a farm. She brought a change of clothes and camping gear to spend the night. I was very uneasy about it but I recall a few bush parties from my own youth and this was prom so I had to let my own fears go. 
Early the next morning we got a phone call from a number we did not recognize. It was a woman who asked Greg if Justine was our daughter. Justine had been in their back yard. We got their address and drove to pick her up. Justine said she had gone for a drive with a guy and he tried to assault her so she got out of the car in the middle of nowhere and started walking. Her phone got left behind. We were very relieved that these people invited her into their home and called us. 

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  1. When my daughter was 14 years old, she took a short cut home from visiting a friend just as it was getting dark.Someone appeared from nowhere and tried to grab hold of her. I’m so proud of her bravery, because she twisted and pulled, then ran like the wind home. The police were soon out because they were on the lookout for someone unsavoury. I’m glad your daughter found safety.

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