Are You Affected By The Time Change?

I live in Canada and every Fall we turn the clocks back an hour. In the Spring we turn them ahead an hour. This confuses my body and it takes me a few weeks to recover. When we turn the clocks back they say we get an extra hour of sleep. I don’t. I do get an extra hour of Sunday and then I’m tired all the time. Tonight I fell asleep around 7 p.m.

It’s not that I think it’s bedtime. It does get dark early and that might confuse me. I’m not even sure what exact my body thinks. It’s just tired when it shouldn’t be. I sleep away many winter evenings. Luckily I can sleep at night.

Maybe I’m like a bear. I want to curl up and pass the cold months sleeping. It does make the time go by faster. My quality of life diminishes however and I feel as though I just work, eat and sleep. I can’t read, watch a movie or TV because I just fall asleep. Hey! Maybe that’s why it’s called Fall….fall asleep.  


24 thoughts on “Are You Affected By The Time Change?

  1. Yes, it affects me, too. I’ve been absolutely exhausted all day. What hit me hardest though, is how it affects my stomach. My belly keeps telling me it’s time to eat, when I try to use logic to explain we can’t yet.

    I hope you bounce back quickly!

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  2. I did need a few weeks to adapt to time change and felt very grumpy while doing it. I do feel the negative impact of seeing less daylight and having to shorten my outside venture with my kid because night arrives sooner. I do, though, rejoice in the cuddly reading sessions with tea and cookies I’m made.

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  3. The time-change affects me deeply…especially at work. Half our project teams are in the US – and it’s extremely difficult to keep tab on the time-change because we don’t have anything like that here.

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