My Grandfather Was A Milkman

I was inspired to write this post by reading another blog entitled “Where Did the Delivery Man Go?” You can read it here

My grandfather was a milkman. He never had a driver’s licence, however. He delivered the milk by horse and cart. I remember as a child seeing him go clippity clop past my grandparents’ house when I visited. I’m not that old and believe me it was a shock to me. I lived on a busy street in a world class city (Toronto) at the time. 

I had never even seen a horse except one time at a city park when a “mounted policeman” was there for a function. I live in Canada and seeing an RCMP officer is not a daily occurrence as some might believe. Most RCMP officers work in offices or precincts, just as FBI officers do. We don’t live in igloos here either. 

I do remember having milk, and mail delivery, however. These things have gone by the wayside now so maybe I am old!

Do you remember home delivery?

Painting by Walter Campbell

6 thoughts on “My Grandfather Was A Milkman

  1. We still have home mail and milk delivery here in Fargo, N.D. We don’t subscribe to the dairy delivery service, but the people who lived across the street from us until quite recently did so.

    My father took a job after WW II as a rural mail carrier with several routes out of our home village and continued until retirement. I don’t believe he retired until close to 70 years old. As one who does not drive a car and has some trouble walking, I wonder how I would receive mail if it were not delivered to my home.

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