Joy Attracts Joy #Monday Blogs

I just received a wedding invitation to a destination wedding in Panama. Weddings are always joyful occasions but this one will makes me particularly joyful because it is Justine’s roommate who will be tying the knot. Layce’s was living with Justine when Justine was killed in a car accident but was away on a cruise at the time. She missed the funeral and had the difficult task of returning home to an empty house. Layce has since moved to Panama to be with her fiancé, whom she was with on the cruise. 

I’m very happy about this wedding. I’m sure Justine would have been a bridesmaid. She and Layce even talked about moving to Panama together. I often picture Justine somewhere tropical. That brings joy to my heart. This will be a special wedding!

Congratulations to Layce and Benyi.❤️

What brings joy to your heart?


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