O joy, you’ve found me

I didn’t think you would

My heart had bound me

And I never thought you could

Life shocked me and I felt so sad

I tried not to fuss and feel so bad

I really wanted to feel the sun

But I often felt the urge to run.

It didn’t feel like living when I felt so glum

I didn’t want to feel such strife 

The time had eventually come

To invite you back into my life

O joy, welcome back

I feel as though you’ve put me back on track.

25 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Thank you! Simple rhyme but kinda soothing to be presented in this way after a long period of deep grief had its GRIP on me as well. My Mom died of Stage IV Lung Cancer on June 18. She was in the ER for severe pain in her foot and chest, AUG 5, and never came out! It was intense, saying our goodbyes. Through it all, and somehow still, I absorbed her life story into my cells. It is riddled with sorrow, danger, loss… sure joys came alone but didn’t ease the many horrors of her 73 years. Thank you for this JOY coming back poem though. I need it! Peace be upon you as well. Keep writing!

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