Ode to Hampton

I live in a tiny town

With a few stores, a church and a park

It never gives you a frown

Even if you walk in the dark.

Hampton is it’s name

It was named after a mill

It seems to remain the same

Time seems to just stand still.

I love to take a walk

All around the place

I find someone to talk

Even when I race.

People here are nice

They’d give the shirt off their backs

You never pay a price

And nothing ever lacks.

We’ve lived here for twenty years

We don’t really want to move

We’ve had happiness and tears

We have nothing left to prove.

Our grandson lives away

We want to be near him

We may not even stay

Although it makes us grim.

We love our little hood

It always makes us smile

It makes us feel so good

When we walk at least a mile.

17 thoughts on “Ode to Hampton

  1. Lovely words for the place you’ve grown to love Cathy:)
    Photos not loading (but it might be an issue of my crazy connection or laptop – it says only accessible to blog owner).just to let you know
    Turtle Hugs


  2. No pictures for me either….I live in a larger town but the neighborhoods are very tight knit….in several different ones in town they have built little wooden stands where you can take books to share…very nice….your little town sounds quaint….kathy


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