Monday is the Perfect Day To Correct Last Week’s Mistakes 

Many times we dwell on our past (perceived) mistakes and find it hard to move on. We feel guilty, stuck, angry or depressed. We need to just let the past go. We can’t change it so why hang on to it?

 Monday is the perfect day to start fresh. Open your mind to the present and future and forget the past. Start the week with a new outlook. Think about all the good things in your life and more good things will appear. 

Happy Monday! 


21 thoughts on “Monday is the Perfect Day To Correct Last Week’s Mistakes 

    1. We definitely are a product of yesterday. If they are pleasant memories that don’t invoke anything unpleasant then remember those ones. Just try to move forward from the ones that make you feel badly about yourself. They do nothing to improve your life.

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  1. Many years ago this wonderful minister, Reverend Davis, gave a wonderful talk. I have held onto and practiced this part of it for over twenty years:

    “When a day does not go as anticipated, simply start the day over. As many times as you need too.”

    When I read your wonderful post I thought of this. Thank you.

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  2. I am grateful to you, Cathy, for this positive thought! I’ve been trying to practice gratitude for the good things I’ve been given. It sure helps turn a negative, hard moment back into a positive one. Thank you for the reminder to “think about all the good things in our lives”.

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