My Trip to NYC

I ❤️NY! I’ve been twice and want to go again. The second time was a gift from my daughter, Candice. We had seen the movie “Once” together and both love it. When I learned they were making a Broadway play, “Once, The Musical”we decided to go.

Sights from the boat tour
Manhattan Skyline

Brooklyn Bridge
Statue of Liberty

Central Park
Central Park
Central Park
Me in Central Park
My sister, Janet in Central Park
Overlooking Central Park
Scene from Central Park

15 thoughts on “My Trip to NYC

  1. Love love love New York!
    Thank you for the beautiful photos. So many good memories…used to visit about twice a year, in what feels like another life now :(.
    Went first with my father who made me love the city, then i introduced it to my husband and kids who became lovers too 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

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