Our House

Our assignment is to look at our stats and see which posts were most popular and use that idea for a new post. By far my most popular post was a photo blog on my old homestead. You can see it here.

I’ve posted many pictures of my gardens but I haven’t shown you the inside of my house.  We’ve lived here for 22 years. We moved here when Jusine was 7 and Candice was 5. It’s a ranch bungalow. 


The family room where we spend most of our time
Our breakfast nook

 We built an addition on the back of the house. It has a family room, breakfast nook, laundry room, bathroom and mud room. It faces the back gardens so we put big windows and a patio door in it. 


The kitchen
The kitchen overlooks the family room. When I’m at the sink I’m facing that huge window. When we had some contractors in before we renovated one told us we couldn’t have an island. I balked! I got my island. 


The dining room
My decorating style is traditional as you can see. I bought the dining room chairs at an auction sale. The wall unit was the very first big ticket item we bought when we first got married 36 years ago. The table opens to seat as many as ten people. There is a patio door overlooking the back garden.


The living room
The living room faces the front of the house and has a huge stone fireplace in it. Flanking the fireplace are two large bookcases. There’s a big desk in the corner (bottom right). I wanted it to look like a comfy old library.


Justine’s old bedroom
Justine moved into her own place a few years ago so this is a guest room now. It sure didn’t look like this when it was her room. You can read about that here.


Spa sink
Our new shower
I usually  wouldn’t show the bathroom but we’ve recently renovated it and we love it. I wanted it to look like a spa. We painted it a really fresh yellow/green. 

Welcome to my home!

Do you like redecorating and renovating?

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