I’m Responsible For My Own Happiness #Monday Blogs

This really needs no explanation but it’s amazing how many people don’t take responsibility for their own happiness. They blame their parents or their spouses. They blame the fact that they have no money. They blame everyone and everything for making them miserable. 

When my daughter, Justine was killed in a car accident last year I could have just decided that I would never be happy again. Many people who suffer such a loss never recover. They blame their grief on making them miserable. They dwell on the fact that they will never see that person ever again.They grieve the loss of the future they thought they’d have with the deceased person. I miss my daughter very much but I just know that her time was up. I’m content knowing it was meant to be. It was all supposed to happen this way. 

I’ve decided that Justine has gone away somewhere warm and tropical. She’s having a wonderful life where she is. I can be happy knowing she isn’t suffering with depression, debt, legal problems, side effects from her medication and whatever else made her unhappy when she lived here on earth. She and my other loved ones who have passed over are all together and enjoying their lives. Someday I’ll join them too. In the meantime I’ve decided to be happy!

Have you decided to be happy?

15 thoughts on “I’m Responsible For My Own Happiness #Monday Blogs

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. But your message is so important and so real. We are responsible for our own happiness. So many people look for happiness in others, Happiness is a decision we have to make each and everyday.


  2. […] This seems so simple but it takes practice. You must turn your negative thought patterns around and use gratitude for even the simplest, everyday blessings. I recommend reading “The Secret” and other books by Rhonda Byrnes. Using her strategies I was able to overcome personal tragedy. You can read about that here. […]


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