What Do You Do When You’re Not Blogging?

I spend as much time as I can with my daughter, Candice and my grandson, Oliver.

I play with and walk my dog, Boo.

I garden.

I work in a High School with autistic teenagers.

I spend time with my family.

I make handmade wedding invitations and other wedding stationary.

I do crafts.

I paint.

I spend time with my husband, Greg. We’ve been married for 36 years.

I write about my beautiful daughter, Justine, who died last year.

24 thoughts on “What Do You Do When You’re Not Blogging?

  1. I enjoyed your pictures and your sharing of your life. I wish I could garden but I always kill the plants. Seeing your crafts makes me want to start it up again.
    I’m so sad that you lost your daughter. I have not gone through that. I think like most parents it is in the top five fears. WIshing allbest to you and your family

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  2. […] You might not believe this but I had no interest in any type of creative expression until very recently. I had never drew, painted, did crafts, or wrote. I have never taken formal art classes or creative writing classes. The fact that I could even do any of these talents never entered my head until I was in my 40’s. Now I would consider myself to be a creative person. You can see a few of my protects here and here. […]

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