My High School Reunion

I asked my readers what they would like to read and so far most people have said stories from my life. Here is one I wrote after my reunion last summer. 

I just got home from a weekend in my hometown. It was a Homecoming Reunion and so many of my old friends came home to celebrate. It was wonderful seeing so many people who I spent such happy times with when I was growing up. Staying at my friend, Kate’s old homestead felt like going home to my own childhood home since I had spent so much time there as a child and teenager. There were many parties, dances and dinners and I had a wonderful time. 

 As I get older I have begun to learn that is much more important to do what we want to do rather than what we feel we should or ought to do. That does not mean we should be irresponsible in any way but that we need to listen to our hearts and minds more. We spend far too much time on the obligations that we place on ourselves and too little time on just enjoying life with people we care about. Decades go by doing what we should do, such as raising children and working and before we realize it we haven’t spent much time on getting together with friends and just having fun. 

 This weekend was all about having fun. It was all outdoors and we had perfect weather, aside from a short, torrential thunderstorm yesterday afternoon. The beer garden was the meeting place for the afternoons, meals were served in the arena 10 feet away and the dances were held in the beer garden area. Perfect! There were busses that would take you anywhere you wanted to go so there was no drinking and driving and everyone was safe. The parade on Saturday was wonderful. The live music added a party atmosphere but the best part was all the people I spent time with. 

 Reminiscing and reliving all the fun times with old friends is a blast! Everyone can remember a different aspect of the same event so when we reminisce we can re-live it through so many different perspectives and it’s a very rich experience. When you are having the experience you can only do it with your own perspective. It becomes almost 3D when everyone adds their memory. You learn things you didn’t see or hear or weren’t aware of at the time. It’s just such a feel-good time and everyone is so happy. 

 My friends and I always get together for our 5 year birthdays. For example, when we all turned 30, 35, 40 and up. We all try to get home for the homecomings which are every 10 years but now we have decided that we need to spend even more time together so are planning something again soon. It’s just so fun to be together and remember all the great times we have shared. I’m positive when I see them next time we will re-live this weekend and we will have a million laughs!

14 thoughts on “My High School Reunion

  1. How lovely Cath, I always have a high school reunion when I go up to Edinburgh, it is a small scale thing as only two of my friends still live there, occasionally a third friend who lives in England happens to be in Edinburgh at the same time too. It is always a treat to catch up with them.


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